What's For Keto Dinner | 4 Meals in One Hour

Keto Dinner Recipes
Keto Dinner Recipes

Looking for Keto Dinner Recipes ??

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More keto dinner inspiration for you this week. Follow along as I show you what I’m cooking for our keto dinners this week. I have four easy keto dinner recipes that can be prepped in under an hour. Utilizing keto meal prep will keep you on track with your low carb diet, cut down on food costs and give your family healthy keto meals to eat through the week!

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This week we are making keto taco soup which is a freezer meal. It will make enough to cover two nights of keto dinners. I’ll cook it up in the slow cooker but my website also has instructions for an instant pot too. We are also marinated elk steak in a whisky mustard sauce. The leftover elk steak will be added to cauliflower rice the next day and turned into a cauliflower fried rice. Last we are having keto breakfast for dinner. I’ll show you how to make chicken fried chaffles.


Keto Taco Soup:

Chicken Fried Chaffles:

Whiskey Marinated Elk Steaks:

4-6 elk steaks
⅓ cup olive oil
⅓ cup liquid aminos
⅓ cup whiskey
¼ cup mustard

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Marinade overnight and grill the next day.

Freezer Bag Holders:
ChocZero Maple Syrup:




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  1. Thanks for the marinade recipe! We have SOOO much elk in our freezer, so I'm going to try this! AND, I just bought the cauli rice at Costco! I'm set! 🙂

  2. No judgment here :-). Love your videos. Thank you for time and courage to make videos.

  3. Our keto soup is very different. I may add in some of your ideas, but mine is very Ketovore.

  4. Annie I love your easy recipes and that cake looks fabulous! I'd be very pretty to have on our dinner table during Christmas time.

  5. I discovered your channel a few weeks ago..I really appreciate your easy to follow recipes!! Thank you!

  6. Your videos are always so good. Great ideas that I will be trying. That cake looks beautiful!

  7. Love these dinner options. Many Thx, from one who is rather imagination-less!!😁😁

  8. Thank you so much for this! My husband is also gone deer hunting so it's just my daughter and I. I was making a grocery list and then your video popped up lol

  9. Для меня кето-это единтвенный способ убрать живот и лишний жир с бедер. Результаты у меня на канале.

  10. I get so happy when I get your notifications. I love your recipes and I especially love the way you explain things. I can not wait to make this soup (tomorrow!!) and I want to make those chaffles right now! What a great idea. Thank you so much for everything you share with us.

  11. I have access to venison , I'll be subbing .im néw but interested in this. Have seen good results from friends who have tried it. Im also diabetic 2. Thanks for your channel

  12. All those recipes look fantastic Unfortunately I have to go on a low carb super low fat and vegetable and fruit diet my pancreas as decided that it doesn't like the way I eat so you being a pharmacist know what I'm talking about stay safe stay strong stay healthy god bless and enjoy life . ✌❤🤙👨‍🍳🎅🚌👍

  13. Thanks for doing this! I've been keto since March and was starting to get a little bored with my food choices. The taco soup was a hit with my 7 year old grandson. (He has no idea its keto or he won't eat it!) I added smoked paprika and coriander to the seasoning. I just subscribed to Choczero, eagerly awaiting that lovely cake recipe.

  14. Love your recipes and I especially appreciate this keto meal prep dinner series. You’re the bomb! Keep them coming!

  15. My bottle of Liquid Amino shows >1 gram of carbs per teaspoon which translates to at least .5 grams per teaspoon which equals 1.5 grams per Tablespoon. Kikkoman label lists 0 carbs per tablespoon. I use both but prefer soy sauce to eat, liquid aminos for marinating and seasoning while cooking.

  16. Thanks for sharing your recipes. I don't know if you are posting your videos in real time, but a word of caution: never post when you and your son will be home alone. You never know who may be watching your videos. Stay safe.

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