What's In My Fridge For A Healthy Keto & Paleo Lifestyle – Fridge Tour!

keto perk plus
keto perk plus

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Watch the whole video from the proof user who explains in detail below.

Do I actually practice what I preach and stock my fridge with the healthy items I talk about from the grocery store!? The answer is yes, and this is my normal fridge, I am not gonna stock it with a bunch of keto, paleo, and healthy items just to make it look good for this video. You can tell a lot about a person by looking in their fridge, and I think these paleo and low carb keto foods say a lot about me. These are feel good foods, stuff you eat that promotes healthy gut bacteria, muscle gain, low GI, and anti-inflammatory foods. I have made videos that include almost all these foods in my fridge, because I really believe in eating them and feel great eating a diet rich in paleo and keto foods. Mad love Bobby…Dessi…Rose…and Art! XOXO

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3-4 videos every week! Two from the grocery store on the weekends and two cooking videos, including a live stream, during the week!

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  1. I love your videos I have thyroid disease I wonder if you would do a video on what to eat for that

  2. I enjoy your educational tours of the supermarket helping us to determine what's healthy and what's not. What I don't appreciate is your emphasis on specific diets (keto and paleo, in this case) that seem created to make a lot of people promoting them wealthy. Just keep showing us what's good for us and what isn't. That's more than enough! Thank you.

  3. You apparently have no idea what your ancestors ate. Btw, as you dont seem to know: Keto is unhealthy, toxic for a lot of people and no nutrition authority on this planet recommends that.

  4. So far all the products i have tried from Primal Kitchen has been delicious!!! Thanks for your fridge tour..now i have some ideas for mine…thanks!

  5. So what about certain nutrients in dairy I love raw grass fed milk so much nutrition plus I like my animals based nutrition

  6. How the heck do I get to the point where companies send me stuff to review

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