When Does Morning Sickness Start?


For a soon-to-be mom, everything should be handled carefully and for first timer, there are big chances that there would be a number of problems to encounter. If you are someone who have planned to get pregnant or you think that you are pregnant, there are surely some things that you would experience in your life. These changes could mark the new life that is starting to develop inside your body.

For first trimester, the most common kind of changes that many pregnant women experiences are that they are having morning sickness or experiencing nausea on the morning. This kind of problem is very common to many women out there, but before anything else, you should really know when does morning sickness start and become more prepared on it.

When it comes to when does morning sickness start, this might depend on you. According to most of the books and resources on the internet, morning sickness might happen on the first trimester of 70% of women but there are some cases that pregnant woman might experience this kind of problem on the second or even third trimester of their pregnancy.

So, when does morning sickness usually start? Usually, you can expect it on the first trimester but you have to be careful because there are also 30% of women who are not experiencing nausea because of different cases. It could be as early as 6 weeks and you will really feel the intensity of it on the 8th to 12th week.

Now that you know, when morning sickness usually starts, the next goal you should have is to understand the different things you have to do in order to become prepared on this. The feeling could be really traumatic, not so fabulous and you may want to give up already. That feeling is being experienced by millions of pregnant women around the world and almost all of them were able to surpass it all so you will surely do the same.

There are different things that you can do in order to easily manage your morning sickness and in this article, you will learn more about the common tips that many women have used. Feel free to read this article in order to be guided on the things you have to do.

Morning Sickness

Tip # 1:

Skip Your Work

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If you are not really in the mood to get up in the morning because of the dizziness you are feeling then there is no need to push yourself. One of the most common reasons on why pregnant woman had to deal with more issues in their activities is because they are pushing themselves to continue the common things they do. It is very important for you to keep in mind that everything have changed already and you need to welcome this in your life in order to adapt and get started with a better feeling later on.

It is also recommended for you to take a short vacation which could help you relax especially if you are in the peak weeks to experience the morning sickness.

Tip # 2:

Lie Down

Well, there are times that the best solution to your problem is to do the simplest thing that you can and that is to lie down and take a rest. According to many doctors, getting enough sleep could help to easily get rid of the morning sickness. Lying down in the bed, taking few deep breaths and take some sleep could help you to relax and avoid the morning sickness for being triggered out.

You can take naps in the morning or even in the afternoon. There are some cases that people might have a hard time in falling asleep but you need this. You just have to relax and you will surely get it.

Tip # 3:

Be Open-minded

It would be really ideal for you to be open-minded in dealing with the changes on your body. This is not the only thing that you will experience, there’s a whole lot more and this is only the start. It is important for you to stay open minded and adapt to the changes. After all, this could be the only time that you will have to experience these things and you may want to enjoy every bit of changes to happen to your body.

Tip # 4:

Consider Medication

It is also ideal for you to consider taking medications. There are different kinds of medicines that could help you to easily soothe the nausea that you are feeling. This could be convenient for most of the pregnant woman out there, but there are times that pregnant women might be sensitive on medicines so you have to be careful and it is best to do research before taking one.

Tip # 5:

Have a Survival Kit

If you are going out with your friends or there are some activities you have to do, make sure that you will have a survival kit. The survival kit may include the following things below:

  • Extra clothes in case that you vomited on what you are wearing
  • More water to drink
  • You can have candies and snacks to munch on if you suddenly feel nauseated
  • Plastic bags where you can keep the mess that you will possibly make

Tip # 6:

Have Some Distraction

It is also ideal for you to keep yourself in thinking your current situation and best to distract yourself. There are so many things that you can do when it comes to this. You can watch movies, read books, browse on social media, and watch television and so some other things that you can do which will keep you distracted in your nausea. This could also help you in being relaxed and avoid dwelling on what you are feeling.

You can also have chats with your neighbors, water the garden and do other things that you can while you are in the house. This is something you have to consider especially if you are resting in the house and may have more time to use.

Tip # 7:

Wear Comfortable Clothes

According to some research, when pregnant woman is wearing too tight clothes, there is a higher chance for them to feel nauseated because of the tightness that your stomach is feeling. It is important for your belly part to have enough exposure in the air for you to become comfortable. This is one of the most common reasons on why it is recommended for women to wear clothes that are big for their body.

Tip # 8:

Make Adjustments on Computer and Devices

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Almost every one of us would spend time in browsing in the internet and without noticing, there are times that we will start to feel dizzy and eventually nauseated. For most of the pregnant woman, it is advice for you to consider making adjustments in the brightness of your screens. It is best for you to also wear glasses and other protective accessories that could help you to avoid being too exposed in the rays of your computers.

This is greatly recommended for those who are working in the office and commonly spends time in front of the computers in order to do their job. You can ask IT personnel in your company to help you on this.

Tip # 9:

Ginger Tea

It has been proven that there are some properties that ginger has which could help to easily soothe the nausea that you are feeling. There are so many things that you can do with the ginger. You can eat foods with chopped ginger or you can make your own ginger tea. You have to try whatever works for you.

However, if you are someone who is not fond of the smell and taste of the ginger, then it is best for you to disregard this as it could only trigger the nausea that you are feeling.

Tip # 10:

Eat in small amounts

As much as possible, it is also very important to make sure that you will take your meals in smaller amounts. Even though you will be tempted to have your full meals with your family members, and just like any other pregnant women, you will want to eat from time to time. That would be really normal but if you are having morning sickness, it is still best for you to eat in smaller amounts to avoid being nauseated and releasing lots of food from your body.

Tip # 11:

Choose the Right Food to Eat

One of the first common changes that you will experience is that you will be too picky in the foods you would like to eat. You will find your favorite food to be smelly and you will not like the taste of it anymore. That is pretty normal so it is best for you to choose the food you are going to eat from now on. Most of the pregnant woman would have recommended diet to consider and that could be perfect especially for the health of the growing life in your body.

You can do research on the internet to have a better idea on the common foods you can try out and have it on your own way.

Tip # 12:

Drink More Water

Make sure that you will stay hydrated and you will have lots of water beside you. Before you go to sleep, it is recommended for you to have a cup or pitcher of water at the side table which could help you to easily soothe the nausea that you are going to feel if you wake up in the morning. You have to follow the eight glasses of water per day or even more.

When you are experiencing nausea, there is a higher chance for you to be dehydrated as you will release most of the water in your body. With that, you have to regularly check your water intake and make sure you are having at least eight glasses of it within 24 hours.

Tip # 13:

Speak up and talk with your partner

If you are having a hard time, it is important that you will get the support you need. For first time moms, most of them would be really scared of the changes that are happening on their body. If you are like this, it is best for you to talk with your partner and make discussions about what you are feeling. They would easily support and help you to move around the house whenever you feel nauseated. They can offer better guidance and care that would be ideal for what you are currently experiencing.

Tip # 14:

Know What Triggers Your Nausea

It is also very important that you will know the different factors that would possibly trigger your nausea. There are different things or factors that would trigger this kind of problem and it varies from woman to woman. With this, it is ideal for you to determine the situation on your own by considering the following things below:

  • You have to get rid of the things that smells bad or so you think
  • You have to avoid using perfumes that could be too h3 for you
  • You have to start cleaning up the room and make sure that everything

Tip # 15:

Ask Doctor for Advice

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Lastly, the best thing that you can do when you are dealing with morning sickness is for you to ask on the advice of your doctor. The doctor would surely know what you have to do and give you a number of suggestions. They will do random checking to know your situation as everything varies from woman to woman and they need to be careful before giving out medicines.

With those tips in your mind, you can now become more prepared on the morning sickness that you will experience. Just make sure that you will take everything seriously and carefully as preparation of your bundle of joy.

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