Why I chose the Keto diet as an endurance athlete!

Diet For Keto
Diet For Keto

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Every January, like most people, I go on a diet, this year I chose the ketogenic diet! Unlike calorie restrictive diets that only make you suffer from not enough food, the keto diet actually forces you to kick you carbohydrate addiction. The diet is not easy and it takes planning and research to do it right and stay healthy. Heres how I did it!



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36 thoughts on “Why I chose the Keto diet as an endurance athlete!”

  1. Nice video! Do you feel switching to the keto diet improved your biking performance? (ie increased watt output and endurance?)

  2. 1:30 – You want a cookie, you want pizza etc…. Why change to oil & eggs at this point though? Why not just replace those things with oats & bananas, for example? I'm trying to understand, honestly!

  3. Epilepsy is holding back my cycling performance. Must be all the blinking lights on the backs of the other riders in the peleton.

  4. Awesome info.
    Im a Cyclist whose going Keto-vore and came looking for this perspective….about your age perhaps too.
    You ride in Colorado, it looks like….
    East Texas, here !
    Cheers – David

  5. My favourite Sports Drink is water. If electrolytes is an issue–buy supplements, they are so much cheaper. If you look at the ingredients, most of that stuff is sugar.

  6. By the way, if you want mono-unsaturated fats (MUFAs), there are more options than olive oil. Pork and bacon is mostly MUFAs. So, as MUFAs are healthy in olive oil, they are equally healthy in pork and bacon. So, instead of drizzling your food with olive oil, drizzle it with bacon fat. It's more delicious.

  7. It can take months to get more fat adapted. But it seems that for some people full fat adaptation doesn't happen until years on the diet. You've spent your entire life eating a high carb diet. It's going to take a while for your body to heal and transition.

  8. I was doing well on fasting and eating low to no carbs. I started to train for Ironman. I did the bike ride and bonked. How can I do this without eating or drinking carbs during these long hours so I won’t bonked out at the end which has happened a few times. It takes 6-7 months to get into shape for the event. That basically an all year round. I feel like both of these lifestyles can’t be together. It’s one or the other. At least right now, I think so.

  9. Keto feels good but it is really bad for ATHLETES. Fat use more Oxygène to be use as energie that is the simple reason.

  10. You lost me at needing to use carbs for long rides. I am training for IM140.6 and stay LCHF with no issues. I started around 250lbs, I'm 5'9", so I was obese. Less than a year and a half later I'm training for Ironman races, long swims, long runs and long bike rides no carbs needed.

  11. This is what I do. Carbs during the riding season to increase power, keto during the offseason to cut weight.

  12. don't bother with calling it 'keto' it's a high protein diet and the rest is nonsense.

  13. Steve Phinney and Jeff Volek wrote the book on this, The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance. I am quite certain they do not have any recommendations that this is not for warm weather endurance athletes. And for reference it can take up to 2 years to fully fat adapt and maximize the bodies ability to oxidize fat.

  14. Thank you so much for this video. However, there is an important question please, there had been incidents of 2 famous guys in Egypt who were fit and playing intensive gym exercises. They were not on keto but rather on other diets. So these 2 guys passed away at night while sleeping and possibly due to their glucose levels being so low that affected their hearts.

    Now they weren't on keto, however can this happen with keto especially if I start jogging, cycling or going to gym. I wouldn't starve myself but fat burning is slower than carbs and I want to understand the odds of this happening in a keto diet from a medical point of view ? I hope my question is clear. Thanks

  15. Hi

    I am obese and I would like to start keto … cycling is my passion … I love to ride long distances in a steady pace with some elevations .. would you suggest the keto for me?

  16. I'm on this diet, haven't felt better! Sometimes i slip and have some nacho chips but great overall

  17. Great video! I've been keto for about 3 months now, as a weight loss effort. It's been great. But I started road cycling again recently and I did a long ride (for me) recently of 50 miles I was feeling bonked during the ride. It was also quite hot out. I am wondering what we're supposed to do on keto when we need a shot of energy in an emergency? My friends can just eat a Clif bar and feel great but us keto guys can't do that. Any recommendations? Thanks!

  18. The headaches, chapped lips & irritation were actually caused by hyponatremia. Low sodium. On keto especially if you’re an athlete you require a minimum of 3-5grams measured out through the day to maintain high energy and prevent those types of issues.

  19. There isn’t a lot of correlation between high mortality and high blood cholesterol levels. In fact it has been proven that those with lower cholesterol have higher mortality rates at younger ages.

  20. You can put more sea salt in your meals. Also, eat the burgers and bacon… but the next day, eat less if you're not hungry.

  21. Hello and thank you, I notice you said not recommended for riders doing big rides?? This is my dilemma and get so many bad suggestions. People are so quick to say “but you have 40k calories of fat on your body”. What if you do races that burn up 20k a day?? This is my issue, I prefer not to eat sugar and bloating foods but when wit comes to long distance I feel I need carbs still. People say “as long as you don’t do 80% effort or more you can go for ever”. If your racing at less then 80% effort then why would you want to race? That’s called a joy ride, so I like the jets lifestyle but really want to make it work. But sometimes I feel like I am putting the square piece to the circle hole and just can seem to make it fit. It seems like I burn so much that I need to restore some glucose and glycogen as I am probably depleting all my liver can make as a safety back up. I notice this at hr 18-22 to n a race. Any suggestions and input is appreciated. And if some random person is going to say “I run for an hr everyday with no issues” great for you, do that for 100 miles plus now and let’s talk. I do applause all people efforts but I am not looking for a average persons run, jog or cycle effort story and trying to tell me I am wrong with their experiences. Thanks for the vids and hope I find some keto (or modified) fiends that have the same issues

  22. I’m not an endurance athlete, I’m a gymnast and a hockey player. As you may know hockey players work intensely in a game for 30-45 seconds and then sit in the bench to recover and prepare for another intense shift. I think gymnastics are more similar to hockey than an endurance sport like marathon running in the sense that it is a high intensity exercise done in short periods of time. I’ve been trying consuming very few carbohydrates and lots of lipids for the past week and I’ve been experiencing headaches and a feeling of weakness and tiredness. Do you think that a keto diet is suitable for a person like me? I’ve read that I feel this way because my body needs to adapt to this new diet and that once I get used to it I will perform better; but I’ve also read that having a diet that’s high in fats and low in carbs may cause an athlete of my characteristics to lose muscle mass and strength and to perform poorly. Some people say that carbohydrates are essential for a sport like hockey, but right now I’m feeling very confused about what I should be eating. I would love to hear some advice.

  23. I have a double Century coming up. To. 360 k.m actually.
    I have recently gotten back blood work wit borderline high creatinine levels. Aparently I have kidney disease.
    AC1 was 6. Fasting 5.3
    Blood pressure is now treated.
    I have been playing with lchf for a few months and very strict keto the last 3 wks. I feel I am fat adapted and will slightly raise my carb intake before the tour.

    Iguess this will be my last one.
    Going to stick to shorter rides from here on in.
    Lots of diatary changes from here on in.
    DR. Jason Fung was talking about people being insulin resistant even before the pre diabetic state.
    Is that what you mean by non insulin sensitivity

  24. I’m Keto…and ciclyst….Big Ride?……how many miles….thanks, excellent videos!

  25. I've been eating a low carb diet for almost a year and a half when I was diagnosed with T2. It keeps my A1c at 5.3 without any medication and all of my cholesterol markers are now perfect. I also became a cyclist about a year ago but have been only doing basic training rides between 20-30 miles for the most part. However, this past Saturday the goal was a 100km ride which turned into 71 miles. I managed pretty well I thought with only eating a peanut butter pack, 1oz macadamia nuts and a small almond pack after about 45 miles. Then I finished. When I was done I had a huge salad with fatty fish and ate some more nuts. I basically had 3 meals in a period of about 5 hours. Is this normal?

    I do eat about 50 grams of total carbs per day…not the 20 that you're referring to. I'm trying to figure out a better way for these long distance rides as I plan to do 100 miles here very soon. BTW I put Redmond salt, potassium and magnesium in water for electrolytes.

  26. You don't have to limit Your carbs while having a long tough ride, especially with lots of uphills and strong wind. Give a look to what Peter Attia has to say about it on His site: https://peterattiamd.com/ketones-carbohydrates-can-co-exist/ It's quite simple knowledge. Because of putting a stress on muscle cells, they expand to allow themselves to consume higher amounts of both glucose and oxygen. Therefore insulin is not required in such an amount as in normal conditions. If then one won't eat too much carbs, pancreas will be allowed to produce glucagon instead of insulin, which will allow coexistance of both glucose and ketones as fuel at the same time and not fall out of a ketosis. Tried that on myself. Thanks to that were able to keep my glycogen stores for much longer period.

  27. I’m still not really sure why your doing the diet with the riding you’re doing. I see in the comments that you don’t recommend it for those that don’t do long rides. I thought you do long rides? Will you leave the diet behind in season?

  28. My variation on this diet has been to not restrict eating fruits. Any diet that axes fruits seems like it’s gone too far!

  29. Good subject coverage Kevin… I was debating trying it, but thought the lack of carbs would be an issue.

  30. Great video, just a question about cortisol I read that sustained high levels or frequent dumps of cortisol can cause the body to age rapidly as it is a high test fight or flight chemical. I am specifically referencing the effects of cortisol on the kidneys & other major organs. Thanks again love the channel.

  31. Interesting, first of all I never imagined you were so tall. Secondly thanks for sharing your story. I don't think it's for me but I know someone close me who is on keto and they have been seeing a lot of success.

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