Young Men's Challenges Pig Dogs & Fire Sticks-Clay Tall Stories~S-V 25

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We all face our own challenges. Often what does not kill us makes us stronger. Pressure and release. Today we are talking about some choices that 16-year-old Jody has to make. Then we are picking up young Flynn Morgan and hitting the hills. 19-year-old Mitch has a personal goal to shed 30 kg and become a stronger faster man so he can succeed in his hunting and in his personal life. He is currently on a keto diet and one of the men I am taking out. We end this day with my daughter Dayla doing some firesticks outside of her house truck when I get home from what was a long weekend.

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29 thoughts on “Young Men's Challenges Pig Dogs & Fire Sticks-Clay Tall Stories~S-V 25”

  1. Meke az mitch keep on keeping on brother..this old can't clay tall tail u old fuker.
    He'll be fuked soon bro. Old bugger will have a heart attack b4 Meke Mahi team

  2. Mate you know nothing about hard pigs or running pigs come to KAINGAROA IN NORTH ISLAND THE REAL RUNNING PIGS kuris wouldn't have a shit show here

  3. You are an inspirational human Clay thats for sure. Two months until pig season here in Europe in the Balkans. Your videos help the wait.

  4. Hi mate, i just watched a video of you back in 2007 singing shame on me. And it was unbelievably awsome👍

  5. IF you want to lose weight – get some COCONUT OIL & put it in an ice cube tray…break them out and put them in a container in the Fridge and take a bite off one to start your day = it increases your metabolism & gives you ENERGY!!….I'm conditioned to it now BUT when I first started after I would have my morning Coffee I felt like I could throw LIGHTENING BOLTS out of my fingers = ENERGY OF THE GODS…And it has SO MANY USES its off the hook….I dont want to lose weight – I just want the ENERGY OF THE GODS!! m/

  6. My dad had an old hound dog that would always test the electric fence and irritate the pigs. One day he unpluged it, that hound tested it, and realized it was off. So he started across it vso he could go catch one of the piglets. Dad waited unril one of the hounds back legs was across, and the hounds balls were on the fence then plugged it back in. I think that hound did not know what to do. He was a howling, and running back and forth. He finally got off the fence. we all were lads, vut we laughed, and laughed. That hound never bothered those hogs again.

  7. Mitch u can do it I burst my apendex I went from 85-90 kgs to 148 kg life was looking bad 4 me i was told buy my dr I’ll never work again so because of depression I keeped eating that’s y I got fat I’m now 110 I was determined to get back farming and back on them hills hunting

  8. Good on you Mitchell. It takes some serious fortitude to push your fitness like that but it’s the best gift you can give yourself.

  9. when I was a young lad my Dad trained and entered dogsled racing he had an 8 dog team but I started at a 3 dog team I can tell you that in the season we would train 4 hours per day on week days and 8 too 10 hours on the week end .. but after all that it was worth it .. but I can truly say I know what its like to be dog tired when you have to will yourself to bend over and pick up your tired and panting ( albeit happy) dog back into their kennel for the night .. good times .. and cheers mate good vlog

  10. Clay! I think it’s bloody awesome what you do for these youths in your community it’s fantastic!

  11. Bloody well done Mitchell it takes a hell of a lot of willpower to change and stick to a new lifestyle. The worst thing to do is to treat it like a diet, if you treat it like a diet when you hit your goal weight you start telling yourself it won't hurt if you "fall off the wagon" for a bit. As soon as you introduce shit food back into your body you will feel lethargic and then you stop exercising because you feel like shit and have no energy. You should be really proud of yourself for making the decision to be your best self.

  12. "I'm sorry"

    "Please forgive me"

    "Thank you"

    "I love you"

    "It is done, it is done, it is done"

    Blessings and healing to those who use the above.

  13. Just shows how much you are an awesome bastard clay mate how you reach out to all people with help and support and dont want nothing in return top stuff mate

  14. Oh,sorry i forgot to applause Mitchel in his Achievement,well done young man & keep up all the hard work you put into your life style!

  15. Hey Clay, I agree to a degree, education is not the be all and end all. I left school at 15, I have learnt more out of school than I did in school, I am now in a management role looking after 8Ha of crops in a high tech glasshouse earning the company millions of dollars ( but in all honesty Im not doing it alone), may sound easy but its not, and i still have a lot to learn. its a very corporate company I work for and is challanging at times. Not having that schooling back ground, I have not learnt how to learn how you would in a school,if you know what I mean, it takes me a little bit longer to understand how to do the in depth managing things i need to do on a daily basis, but i guess the moral of the story is if you have a passion to do something its possible, and also to boot, I suffer from depression and have been on meds for 10 years and will so for the rest of my life. Nothing in life is impossible.

  16. I now know why his bones are brittle,he would never would have hurt his hand coming of the bike,only if he would have ate his vegetables growing up,lol

  17. hey mate, id love it if you could take us through your hunting dogs. i know Po is your main dog and you have pace and the rest of them. but id love to know what there roles are within the pack. keep up the good work! loving the snap vlogs aswell.

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